Thank You!

Hogg MS PTA is grateful for the support of our

2017-2018 members at all membership levels!

(as of December 13, 2017)

Bastianella Perazzona and Paul Bonnette
Jen and Chris Pipkin
Tonia and Kevin Whitney

Shelley and Michael Bennett
Carly and Anthony Brown
Christine and Mike Cullen
Cara Drake
Kelli and George Fereday
Jennifer and David Jordan
Tiffany Tyler and Charles Kuffner
Jennifer and Ben McClure
Gaby and Noe Ramirez
Erin and Rodney Rice
Sarah and Jeremy Stone

Laura and Armando Alaniz
Chaunacey and Justin Broberg
Elizabeth and Cory Clechenko
Stephanie Stafford-Cole and Barry Cole
Xiomara and Tony Cordova
Lauri and Doug Dalton
Ingrid and Alex de los Reyes
Andrea and Eric Dulany
Sarah Newbery and Garrett Finney
Brenda and Chris Funk
Emily and Jason Guyre
Amanda McMillian and Benjamin Holloway
Karen and Andrew Johnson
Jane and Todd Kramers
Christine Perry and Dennis Laviage
Meredith and Folko Mueller
Carol and Tim Nielsen
Monica and Joseph Norvell
Elise Bungo and Eric Rodriguez
Laura Rowley and Clint Sepolio

Holger Bause
Corinne and Christopher Barringer
James Inman and Ken Benavente
Pam and Mike Bungo
Margaret Fung and Doug Chan
Laura and Walter Church
Stephanie Coutinho
Christine and Brad Cowan
Cara Davis
Monica Quintanilla and Aaron Estrada
Donna and Paul Fruge
Jennifer and Richard Garfield
Debbie Muniz and Mario Guerrero
Tiko and Ray Hausman
Parker Mason
Fiona McGettigan and Alan Krathaus
Isabel and Juan Lira
Michella Cross and Chris Lorino
Sasha Vaikhman and Peter Marmo
Janis and William Morrison
Elvia and Jose Negrete
The Family of Gabriel Rocha
Sophia Gutierrez and Juan Carlos Rubio
Michelle Dugan and Douglas Shoemaker
The Family of Garv Shura
Dana and David Smith
Janice Cote and Pete Stockton
Kyoko Campbell and Troy Toole
Erin Hansen and Alicia Verdier
Sarah and David Verheyen
Gina and Spencer Vosko
Nicole and Ray Walker
Gregory Williams