Congratulations! Your items purchased from HoggToberfest are ready to pickup. If you purchased your item online after October 5th then your item will be ready for pickup the following day. Here are the instructions according to the type of item purchased:

SIGNUP PARTY TICKETS & SCHOOL EXPERIENCES: These items do not have anything for you to pick up. You will be contacted by the party or school experience host by email.

FREE DRESS PASS: There is nothing for you to pickup. These will be distributed to your student at school.

MERCHANDISE, GIFT CARDS, GIFT CERTIFICATES, CONCERT TICKETS: These items are available for pickup from the purple box on the porch of 714 EUCLID STREET during the following hours:

Monday through Friday: 7:30AM to 9AM, 3PM to 5PM
Saturday & Sunday: 10AM to 5PM

Please email with your questions.